Birth, one breath at a time

At Rooted Birth we are dedicated to helping women have empowering birth experiences on their own terms.

The services we provide are tailored to fit your unique needs, with the goal of helping you achieve the birth experience you desire – one that you will look back on fondly and will proudly talk about for years to come.  We do this by providing you and your partners personalized support during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and during the early weeks of the postpartum period.  Our team of doulas have years of experience working with families in need of caring from VBACS to homebirths, hospital births, caesarean sections, and postpartum depression.  Our doulas support moms and dads, single mothers, same sex parents, those who have newly arrived to Canada, and teen mothers.

We believe childbirth can be a beautiful, personal, sacred experience that should be celebrated. We believe that every woman should have a support system in place, of supportive, positive, caring people, that enables her to achieve the birth experience she desires, whatever that may be.

We are passionate about providing doula care that is respectful, non-judgemental, and warm.  We believe in treating birth as a life event, and supporting women and her family so they can embrace their experience and their new lives. To us, this means helping you to be informed and confident in your abilities so that you can make the right decisions about the birth of your child.

We believe our work has a profound impact on mothers and their partners, and that this impact reverberates into their parenthood and therefore, their community. We feel great passion for doula work and we know this passion benefits the families we work with.

Supporting women and families in the Saskatoon and surrounding areas!

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